Miyerkules, Marso 2, 2011

is it already goodbye?

Hi guys.
It's Wednesday today.
School day.
It's so moody today. I don't know why.
I'm sorry for the ones I had hurt. I'm sorry if I've been so numb to the ones who love me. Especially IYC. :|
It's just that I don't want to hurt him again. For I know that I'm not deserving for him to be loved. Maybe because I am not yet ready. Yes, he knows that. I said to them for the past days after our (me and bodee) breakup, that I think I should not take any relationships again until I'm 18 of after college. I've been hurt so much for my last breakup. I loved him so much. Haizt. Love takes time to heal. As what others say. So I'd made that decision of being close first when it comes to relationship. Maybe until crush only for the meantime.
Yun. But why am I hurt? Maybe because IYC became my close friend together with Shane. I hope that everything will be alright tomorrow. :|


Biyernes, Pebrero 25, 2011

Star City! \m/

Hi everyone!
New blogspot. New beginning. :)
It's Friday today. No classes! Yey! :))
So me, micah and immanuel planned to go to star city today.
Morning was so depressing. My dad got mad at me. No time for family bonding. :|
I cried because we already planned to go to star city but my father don't want me to join them.
but he decided to let me be with my friends as I promised to stop my ministry whenever he is here in the Philippines. We had a deal so I tried to catch up with my friends.
Then, as I came to Micah's place, I figured out that she is still at the shower. Wow! Same with Immanuel. so we came at Star city at around 3pm.
Started having fun. We went first at the Peter Pan and then Gabi ng Lagim. Got hungry so we ate.
Then continued roaming around. SURFDANCE! whoa! made Micah and Immanuel dizzy. haha! :))
okay. then we watched 4d imax. after watching, we came out and saw someone unexpectedly! :|
saw my past m.u. and he changed a lot. well, after a long time. then, went home at around 930pm. :)
had so much fun. thanks to Micah and Immanuel. :) :*